Boats Rental FAQs

First, you have to choose the type of the boat that suits you best. Then you need to consider a few parameters while renting such as your safety, the size, your comfort, and the destination. To rent a powerboat of additional than 6HP, you must have your license. Otherwise, a captain is imperative. As for the prices,they are set according to the boat’s capacity, its comfort, the route, the rental period.

Owning Boats FAQs

Boat storage, both during the season and during the winter months, is an important consideration for boaters, but it raises several questions, including how much boat storage costs.

It is required for boat operators to undergo a boating safety course. Read this article to find out what are the six safety skills every boater needs to know.

Here are the top five basic boating knots. 1.Bowline 2.Cleat Hitch 3.Clove Hitch 4.Half-Hitch (also call the Overhand Knot) 5.Figure Eight

Buying Boats FAQs

An inspection before a sale or a purchase makes it possible to know the real state of the boat. The boat inspection gives the general and complete condition of the boat, helps to determine its price, and indicates the actions to be carried out to comply with the maritime standards in force. It is important to contact an experienced professional specializing in the type of boat concerned.

People with a genuine interest in boating often have a hard time finding the right information and resources and can therefore easily be tricked into thinking that boat ownership is beyond their reach. Many can afford to buy a boat and enjoy boating than most people realize, and this is just the beginning of the misinformation. Read on to uncover the truth behind the biggest boat ownership myths and change the way you think about owning your own boat.

Buying a boat is a relatively expensive investment, which is why it is usually only reserved for one category of people. But boating being an activity in which passion sometimes outweighs reason, more and more boaters wish to acquire a boat. Several financing methods are available to them and thus allow them to carry out their project. However, it is advisable to study these methods well and to assess the costs associated with them (maintenance, insurance, berth, etc.).

It is compulsory to register pleasure craft, whether new or used. This registration number is used to verify that the boat complies with the regulations. It is also used by the emergency services to identify the boat. This registration number must appear in several places and its marking is subject to standards.

When you buy a boat, you necessarily want to equip it as well as possible. Many points are to be considered: safety, comfort on board, navigation assistance but also multimedia equipment, those that make life on board easier or that allow basic maintenance. Everything will depend on your budget and the space on board, but some accessories can really make everyday life easier.

One of the main reasons people do not get into boating is because they automatically assume they cannot afford a boat. The reality is that many can afford to own a boat, as long as they take the time to explore their options and find the financing or payment solution that suits their needs. Whether you are saving for a used boat or borrowing for a newer model, you probably have a lot more options than you think.

The best way to take advantage of your boating passion is to buy a boat. Buying a boat cannot be improvised. It is about a life project whose realization obeys stages which should not be skipped. You will first need to take some time to think about your needs and budget. Then, you will have to determine and refine your search criteria. Once you have made your selection, you can visit the targeted model, try it out and then negotiate before finalizing the purchase and becoming the owner of the boat.

You want to buy a motorboat but this name covers many different ships. If the selling price is a criterion, it is especially important to consider the use that you are going to make of your boat. Open hull without cabin, Day-Cruiser for the sun, Fishing for sport fishing or Jet Boat for speed, multi-purpose inflatable boat, fishing boat or habitable motorboat, motor yacht for comfort, there is one type of boat motor for everyone. There are many different types such as: the cabin cruiser, the open shell, the day cruiser, the dinghy, the runabout, the trawler and many more.

Selling Boats FAQs

You have decided to buy a bigger boat , to change models or simply to stop sailing. So, you must sell your boat and sell it as best you can. This means finding a buyer quickly and bidding at a good price. To put the odds on your side, you can have your boat appraised but above all present it in its best light, estimate it at its fair price without forgetting to gather the necessary administrative documents and anything that can give it value. And when a potential buyer shows up, offer a trip to the sea.

Selling a boat is never an easy task. Sales require a lot of research as you have probably never sold a boat before, so you might not even know how to go about it or how much to ask for the sale price. We are giving you the chance to learn all about the best upgrades to make to your boat when you are ready to sell it. There is always a way to improve your boat and make small (or big) improvements to it to increase its value and sell it faster.

Once your decision is made to sell your boat. You will have to prepare it, fix the price and most importantly, find the right buyer. To put the odds on your side, the ad must be very neat, accompanied by photos. You can publish your ad using conventional channels such as trade magazines. However, publishing on a website has many advantages. It is economical, fast, simple, not very time consuming and makes it possible to reach many potential customers very quickly. Opting for an ad on a specialized site greatly increases your chances of making a quick and satisfactory sale.

The time has returned, you are thinking: I even must sell my boat! wherever do I start? What do I even have to do? With this guide, most likely the foremost comprehensive one you’ll realize, we’ll make a case for the way to sell your boat successfully. We’ll review all the small print, from the choice to sell right to closing the sale.

The key to marketing your boat as a private seller is to create an ad that generates interest but is not overly “selling”. People who prefer to buy boats do not want to see too much persuasive sales jargon in your ad, so there is a fine line to follow.

Selling Boats FAQs

Choosing your boat engine is not easy. What type of power supply will work best: electric or thermal? It all depends on the use you plan to make of your boat. Then choose between an inboard motor (inside the hull) or an outboard (outside). Without forgetting the power which must be adapted to your activity, needs,and the weight of the boat. The choices are vast but remember to check that there is a dealer near your home port. It is convenient for maintenance and possible repairs.

Do you need or want to change the engine of your boat? Finding the right engine for your boat is not necessarily easy. It must be reliable, robust, and efficient in all circumstances. If your engine no longer meets your needs, it is in your best interest to replace it rather than buying another boat. While browsing the listings of boats and boat engines, you should take certain precautions. It may be useful to be accompanied by an expert. You need a maximum of attention not to have unpleasant surprises. It is essential to ask the seller the right questions, to carefully inspect the boat and engine, to check the maintenance.

Existing since 1965, the Suzuki marine brand has been able to expand its offer over the years to meet the needs of both boaters and professionals. It is the first manufacturer to have developed a 200HP V6, then the brand mainly turned to 4-stroke engines. The engines in this range start quickly, are light, compact, and easy to use.

An outboard motor is ideal for small boats. The outboard is an “all-in-one” engine since it integrates the engine, transmission, reverse gear, propeller. As the name suggests, it is entirely on the outside of the boat. Engine and propulsion are installed directly on the transom. You still must choose the outboard that suits your boat. It is necessary to consider the power supply (gasoline, electric, diesel…), its power, the engine assembly. The brand can also influence your choice.

Yamaha has over 50 different 4-stroke and 2-stroke outboard motor models in addition to the small electric models. From super-portable 2.5 HP, to wild 300 hp. Altogether about 160 variations for you to choose according to your needs. Each of Yamaha outboard motors is the result of years of intensive development and constant innovation. It combines advanced engineering and technology, giving you a combination of acceleration, speed, and smoothness.

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