Essential Safety Skills Every New Boater Needs to Know

It is required for boat operators to undergo a boating safety course and even hold a boating license to prove they have finished the program satisfactorily. If you haven’t already participated in one or signed up your family, you may be unaware of the invaluable knowledge you’ll learn.
Here are six essential safety skills you’ll learn whether you attend a classroom, on -water, or online training.

Understanding & Identifying Different Parts of a Boat

Boating is more than just understanding that the pointy end is the bow, and the flat end is the stern. A safety course will teach you about hull designs, as well as the equipment you’ll need for your specific boat and even engine types. This makes you a much more informed buyer, owner, and operator because you will understand your boat’s strengths and limitations.

Recognizing Navigation Buoys & Channel Markers

smart-buoyDo you understand what a nun or a can are? What about the distinction between a red and a green marker? Our waterways, like the highways we drive on, utilize signs called aids to navigation to communicate where to go and what to do.

Tying Basic Boating Knots

knott Lines (sometimes known as ropes) are used by boaters to secure their boats to the dock or another boat if they are rafting up. Lines are used by sailboat owners to handle sails, and everyone uses lines to secure anchors and other safety gear, such as fenders. However, you can’t just make a regular knot in the rope and call it a day. Every boating safety course teaches the most used nautical knots as well as how to maintain your boat’s lines. Check the 5 basics knots for beginners 

Improving Your Boat Handling Skills

Taking the wheel and steering is only the first step. For example, if you own a sailboat, you must learn how to trim the sails. Knowing how to dock and undock, anchor, and memorize the Rules of the Road are all critical safety skills regardless of boat type.

Filing a Float Plan

A float plan is also known as a trip plan. It is a written description of your desired boating destination and activities, as well as who is going, what type of boat you have, your contact information, and the expected return date. In an emergency, it saves both time and lives.

Learning Emergency Maneuvers & How to Give Way

accessories-blog Nobody enjoys thinking about “what if” scenarios but being prepared for them is critical. Boating safety classes teach you how to address the most typical issues that occur when you’re away from the dock. This includes your passengers if you become unwell or are otherwise unable to operate your boat. Furthermore, the training teaches how to communicate the problem to any nearby or on-shore emergency services.

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