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Boats’ inspection - An inspection before a sale or a purchase makes it possible to know the real state of the boat. The boat inspection gives the general and complete condition of the boat, helps to determine its price, and indicates the actions to be carried out to comply with the maritime standards in force.For this expertise, it […]
Boats’ Equipment - When you buy a boat, you necessarily want to equip it as well as possible. If this is a new boat, there are many “builders” options. Not always affordable, they have the advantage of being designed for your boat. There are also equipment and fittings shops that allow you to benefit from professional advice. Many […]
5 myths about boat ownership. - People with a genuine interest in boating often have a hard time finding the right information and resources and can therefore easily be tricked into thinking that boat ownership is beyond their reach. Many can afford to buy a boat and enjoy boating than most people realize, and this is just the beginning of the […]
Choosing the right outboard motor for your boat - An outboard motor is ideal for small boats. This is perfect for an inflatable boat, canoes, dinghies or to add extra power to a sailboat . The outboard is an “all-in-one” engine since it integrates the engine, transmission, reverse gear, propeller. As the name suggests, it is entirely on the outside of the boat. Engine […]
How to choose the right boat engine? - Choosing your boat engine is not easy. What type of power supply will work best: electric or thermal motor? It all depends on the use you plan to make of your boat. Then choose between an inboard motor (inside the hull) or an outboard (outside, on the rear deck). Without forgetting the power which must […]
What are the different types of motorboats? - You want to buy a motorboat but this name covers many different ships. If the selling price is a criterion, it is especially important to consider the use that you are going to make of your boat. Open hull without cabin, Day-Cruiser for the sun, Fishing for sport fishing or Jet Boat for speed, multi-purpose […]
Buying a used boat motor - Do you need or want to change the engine of your boat? Used boats are plentiful and finding the right engine for your boat is not necessarily easy. It must be reliable, robust, and efficient in all circumstances. If your engine no longer meets your needs, it is in your best interest to replace it […]
Yamaha outboard motors - Yamaha has over 50 different 4-stroke and 2-stroke outboard motor models in addition to the small electric models. From super-portable 2.5 HP, to wild 300 HP. Altogether about 160 variations for you to choose according to your needs. Each of Yamaha outboard motors is the result of years of intensive development and constant innovation. It […]
Suzuki outboard motors - Existing since 1965, the Suzuki marine brand has been able to expand its offer over the years to meet the needs of both boaters and professionals. It is the first manufacturer to have developed a 200 horsepower V6, then the brand mainly turned to 4-stroke engines. The engines in this range start quickly, are light, […]
How-to-decide-which-type-of-boat-to-buy How to decide which type of boat to buy? - It’s a tough call for a boat buyer, especially a first timer to choose whether to buy a new or used boat. There’s no right or wrong answer. It all depends on you: your tastes, your budget, and your mechanical aptitude. What makes your smile wider? A mint condition new prize or a smartly purchased […]

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