Yamaha outboard motors

Yamaha has over 50 different 4-stroke and 2-stroke outboard motor models in addition to the small electric models. From super-portable 2.5 HP, to wild 300 HP. Altogether about 160 variations for you to choose according to your needs.

Each of Yamaha outboard motors is the result of years of intensive development and constant innovation. It combines advanced engineering and technology, giving you a combination of acceleration, speed, and smoothness.

Among the most important advancements of Yamaha engines, we can cite the ECM (Engine Control Module), which is controlled by a computer. HPDI, which stands for “High Pressure Direct Injection”, is also used.

Yamaha’s reputation in the outboard business is reliable. Its engines have many hours of operation and many satisfied customers, whether they are water sports enthusiasts, families or demanding professional users all over the world.

2-stroke engine: Powerful and easy to transport

In terms of handling, safety and user comfort, Yamaha single and twin cylinder engines are recommended. Easy to start, maintain and use; these motors are highly appreciated by professional and amateur users.
Thanks to the special fuel / oil ratio of 100: 1, it makes consumption more economical. Powerful, quiet, and easy to transport Yamaha solutions, each designed to give you many years of boating enjoyment.

These outboards incorporate a wide range of Yamaha\’s most advanced technologies, including the unique Yamaha Auto lube MultiPoint TM oil injection system. This real-time system automatically injects oil, with the right ratio for speed, load, and engine operating conditions.

Yamaha two-stroke engines are recommended for their light weight, compact size and technical simplicity.

4-stroke engine: Quiet, economical, and clean

Yamaha also offers a range of four-stroke engines that cover all needs, from the small F2.5, through the mid-range of EFI engines (F50-100), to the imposing F350. In addition, there are also FT (High-Thrust) models for high thrusts instead of high speeds, covering the power range from 8 to 60 hp. These motors are ideal for auxiliary boats, for hard work or long trips, and for water ski towing.

The F2.5, F4, F6, F8 and F9.9 share the same fuel economy, the same simple and safe controls and control systems, the same vibration-free reliability. In addition, the maneuverability of these well-balanced motors, with their large and comfortable carrying handles, will be of great help to you. You can choose the power that best suits your boating style.

Yamaha engines ranges

Strong power

High horsepower engines have interesting features such as the four-carburetor system (high power at high rpm and higher torque at mid-range), the acceleration pump (maximum power when accelerating) and the engine system. Two-speed tilt and trim so you can get the most out of your boat.

XF375 / XF425

In the XTO range, these are direct injection four-stroke engines. The first in its class to feature full electronic steering, like Yamaha\’s Helm Master® system.

F225 / F250 / F300

These 24-valve, double overhead camshaft V6s are equipped with electronic fuel injection (EFI) and variable camshaft timing (VCT). Silent and homogeneous, their rudder bars are also equipped with Yamaha \”drive-by-wire\” throttle and gearshift controls.

Medium power

Powerful Yamaha engines feature a revolutionary balancer mounted in front of the piston. The result is an extremely low level of vibration and very smoothly.

F150 / F175 / F200

These engines combine a fuel efficient EFI system, microprocessor control box, clean combustion technology and noise reduction systems.

The F200 has the particularity of being associated with the exclusive Yamaha network system.

Specific features: 2.8-liter four-cylinder, 16-valve, double overhead camshaft engine. High efficiency alternator (50 A)

F115 / F130

These motors are light and quiet. These 1.8-liter, twin-overhead cam, 16-valve, inline-four inline-engines are loaded with features to make your on-board life easier. They are compatible with digital displays sold separately, Y-COP® immobilizer system, large amplitude power lift and trim with angle limiter.

F80 / F100

They feature 16 valves and single overhead camshaft (SOHC) for acceleration.

vivid, advanced intake and exhaust systems and Yamaha’s exclusive Multipoint Electronic Injection (EFI) system. In addition, they incorporate several other features such as the Prime Start ™ automatic choke, high power alternator, networked digital displays, a Yamaha high amplitude lift and trim system.


The F70 engine is the lightest and most powerful four-stroke in its class. It is a powerful 16-valve SOHC engine that features an Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system.

FT50 ​​/ FT60

FT models are easy to handle and reliable. They are fitted with a Yamaha patented dual-thrust “Dual-Thrust” propeller and CDI / TCI electronic ignition.

F50 / F60

The F60 and F50 engines also feature a high amplitude hitch and trim system, as well as a Prime Start ™ automatic choke that allows the engine to be started effortlessly.

F30 / F40

The F30 and F40 engines have a special feature: they are protected by the Y-COP (Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection – Optional) system, which, like on a car, prevents starting by means of a remote control.


Yamaha transportable outboards are characterized by smoothness, power, sand economy. They are suitable for all types of small boats.


It has optimized handling and maneuverability. It has several convenient storage positions, a practical and transparent fuel tank, simple and intuitive controls at your fingertips, as well as a large and comfortable carrying handle.

F4 / F5 / F6

They have a compact size, large carrying handles and an integrated fuel tank. Starting is easy thanks to the CDI ignition system. They also have simple controls and reduced noise and vibration levels.

F8 / F9.9

They are quiet and fuel-efficient engines. Equipped with Yamaha’s CDI ignition system and a large, comfortable carrying handle.


It is a versatile, twin-cylinder four-stroke engine that combines power and responsiveness. It has low fuel consumption and is also environmentally friendly, with reduced pollutant emissions.

F20 / F25

These are engines with computer-controlled ignition, they also have a special decompression starting system, a water-cooled fuel pump, and a large muffler.

Electric motors

Yamaha electric motors are simple to use and easy to install. They are also light, and the adjustable support allows them to be attached to the transom of your boat.

M12 / M18

Easy to use and quiet, the M12 and M18 are equipped with adjustable brackets that allow quick and easy installation. They are also easy to handle, with impact-resistant housings and coatings, as well as composite shafts that resist torsion, breakage, and corrosion in normal use.

M20 / M26 / M32

They have all the characteristics of the M18, but in addition have a rotating handle: tilt angle of 45 ° maximum, extension up to 15 cm and ergonomic contour and a powerful propeller.


The MX is a tough and reliable electric motor. It is also equipped with a Digital Maximizer ™: that will give you five times more autonomy in a single charge.


This engine delivers 20.4 kg of thrust. With extended autonomy thanks to the “Digital Maximizer” system and incomparable protection against corrosion.

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