Where do I post an ad to sell my boat?

Your decision is made you sell your boat. You will have to prepare it, fix the price and most importantly, find the right buyer. To put the odds on your side, the ad must be very neat, accompanied by photos. You can publish this ad using conventional channels such as trade magazines. However, publishing on a website has many advantages. It is economical, fast, simple, not very time consuming and makes it possible to reach many potential customers very quickly. Opting for an ad on a specialized site greatly increases your chances of making a quick and satisfactory sale.

Prepare the sale of your boat

For the sale as for the purchase, it is imperative to prepare your project well. It is necessary to consider a budget for cleaning the boat, any repairs, costs related to the sale, expertise… As a seller you will have obligations to fulfill, you will have to prepare all the documentation and make sure that the papers are in order. You also need to set the right price and an expert report can be useful here in this process. When your boat is perfectly clean, you have a good idea of ​​the price, and the documents are gathered, it is time to go ahead with the announcement. How are you going to be able to reach as many potential customers as possible without spending a lot of hours there? Several solutions are available to you.

Selling your boat: which channels to choose?

To publish your boat’s sale announcement, you have a choice between traditional and modern canals (or both).

If you opt for traditional channels, you will have to publish your ad in physical media such as specialized magazines. Some are devoted to particular boats, others are more general. You will of course have to publish your ad in the magazine corresponding to the characteristics of your boat.

But to reach the largest number of potential customers, modern media are preferred. You can publish your ad and reach over thousands of potential buyers regardless of the type of boat (fishing boats, motor boats, sailboats…).

If you are short on time, know that you can entrust the sale of your boat to a broker. He will take care of the formalities, including the drafting and distribution of the advertisement.

Whatever your choice, magazines or websites, the success of the operation will depend on the communication on the chosen medium. Writing and presenting your ad are essential.

An economical solution

Choosing to publish online on a specialized portal, is a very economical solution. It will always be less expensive than on traditional media. You publish an ad that will be visible to the target audience, with no time or space limit. The form to be completed allows you to give all the necessary information. opt instead for a sales portal that allows you to classify your boat according to its type, length and brand. With this classification, interested people can target their search and you have a better chance of closing the sale.

A simple and flexible method

On specialized portals, you can easily create your ad. It is usually sufficient to fill out a form with the details of the seller and the characteristics of the boat. Even when the ad is published, it is always possible to modify it, to update it. At any time, you can add details, photos, videos, correct an error, or even change the price.

A great time saver

Internet access is now widespread. By posting your ad online, you will save a lot of time compared to a magazine that only comes out once a month (or less often). It will take a few minutes to create your ad and distribute it. You will immediately reach the people concerned while having the possibility of responding quickly to their questions. Your ad will be always visible via a computer, smartphone, or tablet. It is easier to make contact.

Increased visibility

Specialized websites and portals generally rank well on search engines. They generate a large audience which allows you to attract many visitors. Plus, your ad is visible 24/7. Potential buyers often know what they are looking for and can easily access your ad. You will reach a large audience at local, national but also international level. Some portals have versions in several languages, which makes the information accessible to many users.

How to optimize your ad?

While posting on the Internet saves you a tremendous amount of time, you should spend as much time as possible on the preparation of the ad itself. It must be of high quality, attractive, attractive! It is imperative to add several photos, to describe your boat precisely, to give as much information as possible and to choose the specialized portal most suited to your type of boat.

Photos: an essential element

It is not possible to post a good ad without adding photos. Ads without photos attract little attention and are more likely to fail. Photos are therefore essential, but they must be of high quality. Do not exaggerate the smoothing or publish blurry pictures, poorly exposed or taken too far. Bad photos do not inspire confidence. The pictures should allow potential buyers to get a general idea of ​​the boat immediately. It may be helpful to hire a professional photographer who can showcase your boat. The first photo that appears in the ad is the most important. It must make you want to know more. Do not forget to take several pictures (engine, cockpit, stern, bow, dinghy, interior, dashboard, line, hull, ports, boat on trailer, at sea, dry…). You usually have the option to add photos over time. It is of course necessary that the images are recent and that they are those of your personal boat.

Favor descriptive texts

In addition to the data and technical characteristics of the boat (make, model, year of construction, general condition, new value, etc.), it is essential to publish a descriptive text. It must allow the potential buyer to access all essential information in complete transparency. You must put yourself in the shoes of the person looking for a boat and ask yourself what information is likely to interest them and capture their attention. Add technical information concerning the engine, electronics, options, sails, winches…

The ad must be effective and stand out from the crowd. Even if you are on a specialized portal, your ad must be unique among dozens of others. Include all the details that you think are important and that will make the difference compared to boats of the same type with conventional equipment. Ask yourself: what is the buyer looking for? What words will he use? These are the keywords that will allow your ad to appear at the best place in the list of results. But do not fall into the opposite excess: do not overdo it because you risk making your ad not very credible.

Show the ad to those around you, to friends to get an outside opinion. Perhaps they will see flaws that have escaped you. Your ad should make people want!

Choose a specialized portal.

Once your ad is ready, choose the right place(s) to post it. You are strongly advised to choose a portal specializing in boat advertisements. This is the type of portal that potential buyers from all over the world will go to. The more general sales portals have a lot of traffic, but your boat will end up in the middle of hundreds of other vessels and will not be easily accessible to those looking for a particular vessel.

By choosing a specialized site, you are targeting a specific audience. Choose a site that allows you to target the search by brand, model, length, width, price, country, etc.

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