How to rent a boat?


This age it is decided! Part of your break will be spent on the water. You have chosen to rent a boat, whether for a trip, for a week or a day. Renting a boat is a bit the same as renting a house for a holiday, but there are still some distinct features. You can address an individual or a professional but, in any case, you must be extremely alert about your safety. You can rent a bark, a motorboat, a yacht, or a catamaran, to go fishing, practice water sports or simply rest in a privileged setting. Comfort is another element to take into consideration, but it will depend on your budget and your appeals.

What type of boat to choose?

The first question to ask is what type of boat to rent? Sailboat, catamaran, motorboat, schooner, yacht. you are putrid for choice. It all depends on the standing of comfort you need, the navigation route, the length of your rout, the number of passengers, your suits, and your budget. Depending on the use you want to make of your boat, you’ll determine its size, its fittings.

Rent a motorboat

With a powerboat, you choose easy navigation, without having to worry about wind or currents. For a day, semi-rigid is further than enough and will allow you to initiate yourself to water skiing or other water sports. Depending on the size of the boat, you may need to have your boat license. Otherwise, there is always the result to rent a boat with a skip.

A hard- jacket boat is perfect for fishing and for comfortable sailing. A semi-rigid allows other passengers on board, offers the possibility of testing everyday navigation. For water sports, consider renting a boat with a machine of at least 100 hp.

If you choose for a powerboat of inferior to 6 firepower or4.5 kW, you have access to renting a boat without a license. You will have a comfortable seat, an intuitive dashboard, inferior restrictions on charge.

But a powerboat makes noise, and it consumes energy.

Rent a bark

Renting a bark will allow you to navigate with the wind. To discover the deep waters, you need a high- performance boat, to set crossing from isle to isle, a shallow draft bark will be perfect.

Renting a bark will generally be cheaper than renting a catamaran or powerboat.

Notwithstanding, you will have space and comfort on a stable boat, if you choose for a catamaran. This is perfect for those who bother seasickness. However, and like on a bark, you’ll also need to hire the services of a captain, If you have nowise sailed.


With a bark, you appreciate the clime. You visit countries from a different perspective, but you can also rent a bark on a lake. Either way, you bar stress. The sensations will be there, and the silence of the brine will give you a complete change of decor.

Notwithstanding, you must have a good knowledge of the brine, if you rent a bark. Otherwise, the presence of a captain is essential. You will be competent to learn the bandwagons while taking the time to enjoy your repayment.

What parameters should be considered when choosing a rental boat?

Safety is essential and a break on the water can fast turn into a torture. Whether you choose to rent from an individual or a professional, you must check the quality of the rental company and the boat. Also consider ancillary costs corresponding as energy, the services of a commander. Consider the precipitation before setting out to blue and check that each passenger is safe on board.

To choose the right boat, you must consider the size of the crew, the asked comfort, your destination and above all your safety.

A catamaran with commander will allow you to enjoy the brine, the pleasures of navigation without the constraints. However, a large space catamaran is wanted with a crew, visitant, If there are multitudinous of you. Schooners or motor sailors are well suited to groups, families or vacations with musketeers. They’ve comfortable cabins, private bathrooms, air exertion. Stinkpots and motor catamarans allow swift movement. Windjammers are perfect for discovering all the pleasures of the ocean without whisking and without noise pollution.

Prioritize your security

Depending on the season and your destination, you need to be excess alert about the thunderstorm conditions, whether you are going for a day or much longer. Renting a bark without a captain requires that you have a \” Marine CV \”. Chartering with a crew or commander offers you farther freedom and security. This is the non-casual answer to exhaustively enjoy the pleasure of being on the water without the hassle of navigation. A caravan deposit consists of renting a boat and sailing with other boats brought by the squadron leader. You can have a captain or be your own captain, but you must follow the instructions of the squadron leader. This is a good answer for freely gaining experience.

Safety tackle must be present on board. Life jackets, the possibility of stocks, geolocation turn, radio … everything must be exhaustively working.

Do not forget your comfort

Depending on the time spent on the boat and the exertion you want to do, you are not going to choose the same boat. For the day, an uncountable hour, a round, a semi-rigid can be enough. For two days or further, the windjammer may be the right result. You must consider the number of cabins, the stuff for cooking and relaxing.

even so, a speedboat is essential, if you prefer speed to go the distance or if you want to indulge in water sports.

An open sundeck boat is really maneuverable and functional. It can accommodate a family for a deep trip, for fishing, or for water sports. The cabin boat is more comfortable with the possibility of sleeping on board for one or two nights. With a semi-rigid or a merry-go-round, you figure for practicality and power.

The dinghy is the right choice for those who want pure sailing. No power, no journey limit, great comfort … but you need solid knowledge or a commander.

Rent a boat between entities or with a professional?

To rent a powerboat of additional than 6HP, you must have your license. Otherwise, a captain is imperative.

It is recommended to take another insurance in addition to that offered by the lessor. However, check that the boat is secured for the disbursement, If this is a private boat disbursement.

Whether it’s a disbursement to an individual or to a professional body, a rental contract must be established with the volume of the deposit or down payment and the volume of the security deposit. It must indicate the rental price, the conditions of termination or cancellation, any cleaning and energy costs. A budget of the boat and varied stuff is forcefully recommended. The holder must be capable to prove that he has carried out the special yearly audit of the boat. This document must be present on board.

Take with you your identity card or a valid passport, your boat license.

What are the prices for renting a boat?

The price is set according to the boat’s capacity, its comfort, the route, the rental period.

The price of a rent varies universally. It depends on the size of the boat, its layout, the length of the stay, the harbor of departure The season also causes prices to change. Some coastal resorts raise prices because they are popular.

In any case, and especially in high season, it’s prudent to reserve in advance. Prices vary from simple to triadic depending on the period, and yea if the competition allows to take advantage of affordable rates.

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